HPIO scorecard explores Ohio’s policy response to the opioid crisis

The Health Policy Institute of Ohio has released the first in a series of inventories and scorecards analyzing Ohio’s policy response to the addiction crisis and outlining areas where the state could be more effective. The report, “Ohio Addiction Policy Inventory and Scorecard: Prevention, Treatment and Recovery,” provides policymakers and other stakeholders with the information needed to take stock of Ohio’s policy response to the crisis by reviewing state-level policy changes enacted in Ohio from 2013-2017. It includes:

  • An inventory of policy changes (legislation, rules, regulations and new or expanded state agency initiatives, programs, systems changes or guidelines)
  • A scorecard that indicates the extent to which Ohio is implementing strategies that are proven effective by research evidence
  • Opportunities for improvement in both the public and private sectors

The report focuses on the first three elements of a comprehensive policy response to addiction: prevention, treatment and recovery. HPIO plans to develop similar inventories and scorecards for other key elements, such as overdose reversal and criminal justice, in 2018 and 2019.

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